Realift Combines
Augmented Reality

with online shopping experiences to:
Decrease Return Rates
Improve Conversion Rates

ReaLift Bridges The Gap

Brick and mortar apparel return rates are 8-10%.
eCommerce apparel return rates are between 30-50%.
In 2023, returns could cost eCommerce apparel brands 181+ billion.

ReaLift bridges the gap between online and physical retail stores with accurate virtual tailoring to find the right product fit.

Improving the Customer Journey

ReaLift research shows that 72% of consumers return a product due to incorrect sizing or fit. 70% of consumers would use a sizing application on their mobile device to find the right fit.

ReaLift sizing solutions help online shoppers skip inaccurate sizing solutions, purchase multiple sizes, and skip the post office to return products.

85% of consumers said they would feel more confident in purchasing products with ReaLift.

Techology & Partnerships

Our Team

Jack Sergant
Co-founder & Merchant Implementations
Abdallah Terrab
Head of Machine Learning & Technology
HiuKim Yuen
Senior Computer Vision Engineer
Asmae Tounsi
Director of Machine Learning & Data
Nick Frushour
Head of RealFit & Operations
Ayoub Oudmane
Senior Software Engineer and Architect
Ronald Dod
Co-founder & CEO
Brent Dorris
Head of Merchant Partnerships
Chelsea Lensing
U/X Designer

Ideal Partners for ReaLift

Apparel merchants with online sales between 1.5m to 100m
Average order value north of $30
Rate of returns >7,5%
Conversion rates <2.5%
High customer acqusition cost

ReaLift bridges the gap between online and physical retail stores.

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