An Online Footwear Fitting Experience

Realift’s mission is to bring the in-store fitting experience online for footwear to decrease returns and improve conversions.
Decrease Return Rates
Improve Conversion Rates

Our Incredible Partners:

ReaLift Performance đź’Ş

“Once we launched, we found a high amount of engagement, conversion rates, and a decrease in customer service inquiries regarding sizing. Most importantly, our returns and exchanges have decreased significantly which is so critical for us to grow."

Eric Jorgensen


“Integrating ReaLift helped tremendously to help us decrease our return rate from 22% to 11%, well below the industry standard. Working with the ReaLift team was fantastic. We highly recommend ReaLift for any footwear company looking to help improve their customer experience."

Doreen Banaszak

Burju Shoes

“Finding a partner to help us with the sizing & fit challenge was critical as we were 0% accurate before partnering with ReaLift. Since launch, we've seen an incredible amount of usage, positive feedback from our community on social media, and in turn, helping our team focus on other aspects of the business.”

Nathan Dorton


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