An Online Fitting Room Experience

Realift’s mission is to bring the in-store fitting experience online to decrease returns and improve conversions.
Decrease Return Rates
Improve Conversion Rates

Only 17% of Apparel Revenue is Online

The majority of shoppers struggle to determine which size to buy leading to returns and discouragement from shopping online. ReaLift's mission is to encourage more online apparel shopping through the online fitting room experience.

🚀 Online Return Rates Have Skyrocketed

Return rates for online apparel can be three times higher than in-store purchases. The majority of shoppers do not understand how to use tape measures, size charts, and are left with the only option to bracket (purchase multiple sizes [64% of shoppers]), leading to higher return rates.

Shoppers returned an item online due to the incorrect product size.
Shoppers said their body has changed in the past 3 years.
Shoppers said they did not know their measurements.
Shoppers said a sizing application would improve confidence in buying.

Our Solution: RealSize

With a quick spin on their mobile device, shoppers are able to see their measurements and ideal fit recommendation.

✔️Five Steps
✔️Forty Seconds
✔️Ideal Size

RealSize does not store any personal identification information and is GDPR & CCPA compliant. It is also white labeled, enabling a seamless brand experience. RealSize uses fabric, garment dimensions, and more to deliver the ideal-fit recommendation.

We Size Shoes, Too!

With a quick picture of their foot against a wall, shoppers can find their ideal shoe size, based on their foot length & foot width, all on the PDP page.

We take the shoe dimensions, brand recommendations, UGC content, material of the shoe, and more to deliver the best fit recommendations.

Shoppers Love RealSize ❤️

Shoppers that use RealSize are 91% less likely to return a product, 264% higher to convert, and have a 15% higher AOV.

Integration Process

Integration is "white gloved", averaging two weeks before going live. You can expect 2-4 hours for review, onboarding questions, and internal testing.
Step 1:
We integrate our SDK onto your store, which is compatible with all commerce solutions. Developers are not required!
Step 2:
We Q&A the integration, recommendations, and more. The experience is fully customizable for your brand experience.
Step 3:
After review & testing we push it live. You can login to our dashboard to view KPIs and measurement details.

🏆 Proven Accuracy

We've achieved 98.7% accuracy tested across our comprehensive dataset. Accuracy continues to improve month-over-month through machine learning.
85% of shoppers said they would feel more confident in purchasing products using ReaLift.

Our Incredible Partners:

Our Team

Jack Sergant
Co-founder & Merchant Implementations
Abdallah Terrab
Co-founder and Head of Machine Learning & Technology
HiuKim Yuen
Senior Computer Vision Engineer
Asmae Tounsi
Director of Machine Learning & Data
Nick Frushour
Head of RealFit & Operations
Ayoub Oudmane
Senior Software Engineer and Architect
Ronald Dod
Co-founder & CEO
Brent Dorris
Head of Merchant Partnerships
Stephen Stadler
Strategic Advisor
Chelsea Lensing
U/X Designer

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