The Brand

Russell Moccasin's footwear has been crafted by hand for over 124 years on the banks of the Fox River in Berlin, Wisconsin.  In 2022, the Russell family sold the company to Joe Julian, Luke Kolbie, and longtime Russell production manager, Joe Gonyo. Keeping the heritage of custom handmade boots was imperative for the new ownership while bringing the 124-year-old boot-making brand into the modern era with distribution, sales, and marketing.

The Problem

The new ownership team brought Russell Moccasin to the digital world via direct-to-consumer online. A major challenge they faced was the sizing variance for new shoppers who were not fitted in-store or at an event. Many shoppers could be a full size up or down from their traditional shoe size or Brannock device results. With a $500+ AOV, finding the right fit was paramount due to expectations of customers.

The Solution

Russell Moccasin and ReaLift, partnered together, to launch a web-based footwear sizing solution, to help shoppers find the ideal shoe size, the first time.

After 60 days of launching RealSize on their footwear products, Russell Moccasin gained substantial improvements in KPIs including:
Decrease in
Return Rates
Shoppers Used
the Tool to Purchase
Higher Conversion
Rate Site-wide
Scans in
45 Days
“When shoppers scan their feet, see their measurements & ideal size, with precision accuracy, they are confident that the right size is recommended. This boosts confidence in purchasing, decreases the chance of return, and eliminates the need to bracket (purchase multiple sizes), which is a win for the online shopper and brand.”
Ronald Dod
CEO of ReaLift
"Finding a partner to help us with online sizing was critical for us to grow as a custom boot manufacturer. Every time we had a return or exchange, it decreased our inventory where we could be selling a boot to another customer. Our in-person fitting events showed our lasts were larger than traditional shoes, and customers could be a half to full size smaller than they usually wear. Partnering with ReaLift helped us tremendously, helping our customers find their Russell size for the first time. They were fantastic to work with, deeply understanding our sizing & fit challenges, and worked with us to build a solution we proudly promote to our customers."
Luke Kolbie
CEO of W.C. Russell Moccasin Co.

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