The Brand

In 2013, Nathan Dorton, a walk-on wide receiver at Appalachian State University, founded Phenom Elite with a $65 loan from his father. His goal was simple, to break down the process behind the creation of gloves used by his college football team and alma mater. Today, Phenom is a leader in cutting edge & unique designs for gloves, footwear, and apparel for athletes across the US, including being the Official Uniform & On-Field apparel provider of the Arena Football league. With partnerships with NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss, as well as licensing agreements with Warner Media and DC Comics, the future is bright for Phenom.

The Problem

Phenom's footwear grew significantly throughout their founding, but sizing & fit created considerable challenges for the brand. Customer feedback pointed towards footwear being too large, which, as a result, amplified their returns and exchanges, leading to additional incremental costs.

The Solution

Phenom and ReaLift, partnered together, to launch a web-based footwear sizing solution, to help shoppers find the ideal shoe size, the first time.

After 35 days of launching RealSize on their footwear products, Phenom gained substantial improvements in KPIs including:
Shoppers Used
the Tool to Purchase
Reduction in
Return Rate
Conversion Rate
after Scanning
Higher Average Order Value
Versus Sitewide
“When shoppers scan their feet, see their measurements & ideal size, with precision accuracy, they are confident that the right size is recommended. This boosts confidence in purchasing, decreases the chance of return, and eliminates the need to bracket (purchase multiple sizes), which is a win for the online shopper and brand.”
Ronald Dod
CEO of ReaLift
Phenom's customer service team received minimal inquiries regarding the solution, which allowed them to focus on other aspects of the business’s operations.
"Finding a partner to help us with the sizing & fit challenge was critical as we were 0% accurate before partnering with ReaLift. The ReaLift team was fantastic to work with, spending time to deeply understand our cleat sizing and comparing our measurements to other brands. We found our shoes were built larger than other cleat manufacturers, and they used that to compensate in their algorithms. Since launch, we've seen an incredible amount of usage, positive feedback from our community on social media, and in turn, helping our team focus on other aspects of the business. We look forward to continuing partnering with ReaLift."
Nathan Dorton
CEO & Founder of Phenom

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