The Brand

Little Tuxedos is the industry leader for online tuxedos and suits for boys. Launching a partnership with David’s Bridal, it was critical to find a sizing solution to help parents skip the tape measure, complicated size charts, and find the right size for their boys.

The Problem

Little Tuxedos’ return rates grew significantly year over year due to to bracketing behavior changes by online shoppers. This created monetary pain for Little Tuxedos and the online shoppers having to return products.

The Solution

Little Tuxedos chose ReaLift's solution, RealSize, because of its web-based experience, ease of integration, and fit recommendation engine to simplify product size selection.

After 45 days of launching RealSize on their manufactured product collections, Little Tuxedos gained substantial improvements in KPIs including:
Higher Conversion Rates
Versus Sitewide
Higher Average Order Value
Versus Sitewide
Little Tuxedo’s customer service team received zero complaints, feedback, or questions regarding RealSize, which allowed them to focus on other aspects of the business’s operations.
“When shoppers see their measurements, with precision accuracy, they are confident that Little Tuxedos understands them to a high degree and is recommending the right size. This boosts confidence in purchasing, decreases the change of return, and eliminates the need to bracket (purchase multiple sizes), which is a win for the online shopper and brand.”
Ronald Dod
CEO of ReaLift
“Finding a partner that could help our shoppers seamlessly find the right size was critical before our partnership launch with David’s Bridal. ReaLift’s solution was easy to implement, accurate, and the ReaLift team are true partners in understanding our business and sizing challenges. Upon launch, we’ve seen return rates decrease in the first 45 days. I would highly recommend ReaLift as a brand that has used sizing solutions in the past.”
Christopher Cardi
CEO Little Tuxedos & of Cardi International

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