The Brand

CrossKix was founded on Kickstarter as, "The Shoe with the Hole in the Sole", to be a complete water shoe for any outdoor enthusiast. Combining comfort, function, and style, CrossKix took off and exploded with popularity selling directly on their website, marketplaces, and retail.

The Problem

CrossKix grew rapidly due to its popularity, but returns and exchanges were increasing at a similar pace. Like many other footwear providers, Crosskix only offers whole sizes, creating confusion for shoppers in-between sizes. To add insult to injury, their shoes are manufactured on different lasts, leading to different “fits” across their product offering. These challenges, combined, led to a financial burden on the business.

The Solution

CrossKix and ReaLift, partnered together, to launch a web-based footwear sizing solution, to help shoppers find the ideal shoe size, the first time.

After 45 days of launching RealSize on their footwear products, CrossKix gained substantial improvements in KPIs including:
Decrease in Returns
after Scanning
Shoppers Used
the Tool to Purchase
Conversion Rate
after Scanning
Higher Average Order Value
Versus Sitewide
“When shoppers scan their feet, see their measurements & ideal size, with precision accuracy, they are confident that the right size is recommended. This boosts confidence in purchasing, decreases the chance of return, and eliminates the need to bracket (purchase multiple sizes), which is a win for the online shopper and brand.”
Ronald Dod
CEO of ReaLift
"CrossKix has seen incredible growth in a short amount of time, but sizing & fit was a large challenge for us while scaling. We decided not to carry half sizes, which created a lot of customer service inquiries around sizing. Our shoes were also manufactured on different lasts, creating different ideal shoe sizes for different shoppers. We needed to find a way to solve this and found ReaLift. The ReaLift team was fantastic to work with, doing a deep dive into our sizing & fit challenges and looking at our last measurements to understand how each shoe fits differently. Once we launched, we found a high amount of engagement, conversion rates, and a decrease in customer service inquiries regarding sizing. Most importantly, our returns and exchanges have decreased significantly which is so critical for us to grow."
Eric Jorgensen
President of CrossKix

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