The Brand

Burju Shoes was started by Burju Perez, a world renowned Salsa dancer, who wanted to combine the fashionable look of high heels with the comfortability of dance shoes. Burju Shoes helps anyone look and feel great in any occasion.

The Problem

Burju Shoes grew rapidly with their new innovative approach to comfortable high fashion footwear. However, sizing online for various styles: pumps, heels, open-toed, pointed-toe, etc... footwear became a large issue. As a result, their customer service team was handling numerous sizing questions and were seeing high return & exchange rates due to sizing from shoppers. Solving sizing on the front end was critical for Burju Shoes to grow and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Solution

Burju Shoes and ReaLift, partnered together, to launch a web-based footwear sizing solution, to help shoppers find the ideal shoe size, the first time.

After 45 days of launching ReaLift on their footwear products, Burju Shoes gained substantial improvements in KPIs including:
Shoppers Used
the Tool to Purchase
Conversion Rate
after Scanning
Higher Average Order Value
Versus Sitewide
“When shoppers scan their feet, see their measurements & ideal size, with precision accuracy, they are confident that the right size is recommended. This boosts confidence in purchasing, decreases the chance of return, and eliminates the need to bracket (purchase multiple sizes), which is a win for the online shopper and brand.”
Ronald Dod
CEO of ReaLift

Burju Shoe's customer service team received zero inquiries regarding the solution, which allowed them to focus on other aspects of the business’s operations.

"At Burju Shoes, we've seen incredible growth in a short period. Solving sizing and fit at the front end before the return was a top priority for us. We invested heavily into solving our return & exchange rate through our partnerships from our return software, front-end sizing, and more. Integrating ReaLift helped tremendously to help us decrease our return rate from 22% to 11%, well below the industry standard. Working with the ReaLift team was fantastic. From day one the ReaLift team took the time to understand our footwear fit challenges deeply and built an algorithm to help our shoppers find their ideal size. We highly recommend ReaLift for any footwear company looking to help improve their customer experience."
Doreen Banaszak
Director of Operations

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