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ReaLift is a team of machine learning modelers, marketers, user experience professionals, and footwear experts coming together to solve the massive $30b return issue for online footwear merchants. Returns decrease confidence in purchasing online, wastes countless needless shipping materials, and lessens the customer experience online.

Our Team

Jack Sergant
Co-founder & Merchant Implementations
Abdallah Terrab
Head of Machine Learning & Technology
HiuKim Yuen
Senior Computer Vision Engineer
Asmae Tounsi
Director of Machine Learning & Data
Nick Frushour
Senior Unity Developer
Ayoub Oudmane
Senior Software Engineer and Architect
Ronald Dod
Co-founder & CEO
Brent Dorris
Head of Merchant Partnerships
Stephen Stadler
Strategic Advisor
Keith Lawrence
U/X Designer
Dr. Jay LeBow
Strategic Advisor

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